Investments sector
Direct line with the leadership of the region

Investments sector

Information-advisory services for investors

Centre for Investment Projects Attraction

  1. Provides advisory support in issues of investment project implementation.
  2. Assists in locating production in the territory of Khabarovsk krai.
  3. Provides aid in preparing a set of documents for obtaining support measures granted by the development institutes, state bodies, local authorities of the regional municipalities in compliance with the law of the Russian Federation.
  4. Assists in attracting funding for the projects.
  5. Provides aid in selecting a land plot for further implementation of the projects.
  6. Supports in negotiating with potential investors and business partners.
  7. Assists in an effective cooperation with other development institutes and bodies of federal and regional authority for purposes of a successful implementation of the project.
  8. Advising on possibilities for cooperation with the partners.
Shevtsova Tatiana Leading Specialist 8 800 700 19 27
Grigoriev Dmitry Yurievich Leading Specialist 8 800 700 19 27
Zub Sergei Valerievich Leading Specialist 8 800 700 19 27
Investment projects assistance on “One-Stop-Shop” principle

Centre for Investment Projects Assistance

  1. Providing investors with information-advisory and organization assistance in the course of project implementation.
  2. Cooperation with the state executive bodies of the region, to which focus area belong the projects launched in the territory of the region, on issues related to the investment projects implementation.
  3. “One-Stop-Shop” regime assistance to the investors when cooperating with the state executive bodies of the region and local authorities of the Khabarovsk krai municipalities.
  4. Arranging visits and negotiations of the investor when implementing the investment projects in the regional territory including the invitation of the representatives of the development institutes, state executive bodies of the area, utility companies, other participants of the investment process.
  5. Developing schedule of measures for the investment projects support.
  6. Preparing informative and analytical materials of the investment projects under supervision.
  7. Engagement in investments legislation development.
Kurdya Vasily Vasilievich Head 8 800 700 19 27
Kuznetsova Olga Imashalievna Leading Specialist 8 800 700 19 27
Investment Project Analysis, Business Proposals Expert Assessment

Investment Analytics and Communications Centre

  1. Conducting expert assessment of business plans, feasibility studies of the investment projects.
  2. Development of suggestions for the investment project implementation, assessment of the projects’ potential risks.
  3. Development of the promising investment proposals (busines ideas, investment niches) to be implemented at the area of the region.
Khmelnitsky Vasily Viacheslavovich Head 8 800 700 19 27
Kirillova Ksenia Eduardovna Chief Specialist 8 800 700 19 27
Tarasov Maxim Valentinovich Leading Specialist 8 800 700 19 27

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