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“Business-Incubator” Center was formed to support entrepreneurs at the early stage of their activities, the stage when the period of the small entrepreneurship entity’s activity has not been more than 3 (three) days from the moment of the state registration and till the moment of filing application for a contest of providing business premises and rendering services by the business-incubator.

Full list of services of “Business-Incubator” of Khabarovsk Krai Investments and Innovations Agency, ANO:

  • consulting resident-companies;
  • hosting educational programs, training on various subjects contingent upon of the life-cycle of the resident’s business project;
  • aid in selecting personnel and managing labor resources;
  • assistance in establishing useful links with large companies to launch technologies or sell products;
  • assistance in establishing links with potential investors;
  • assistance in establishing connections to work on technical challenges, and technical support;
  • favorable lease of an office, production premises and arranging office infrastructure (office premises, furniture, office appliances and equipment, computers, net access, e-services);
  • ensuring access to specialized equipment located in business-incubators, labs of universities, scientific organizations, premises of the partner organizations;
  • legal-advise and accounting services;
  • assistance in developing investment and presentation documents;
  • drawing up typical agreements;
  • information support of the innovation projects;
  • training residents in super-professional competencies, such and holding negotiations, presentations;
  • coworking;
  • lease of conference-hall, classroom, meeting rooms.
Meshkov Aleksandr Sergeevich Head +7 (4217) 23-28-78

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