Renovation of all-year-round sport-touristic mountain ski complex “Kholdomi”
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Renovation of all-year-round sport-touristic mountain ski complex “Kholdomi”

Solnechny district
Total investment: 604.6 million ₽
Required co-funding: 250.0 million ₽
Payback period:
16 years
Project status on-going implementation
Place of implementation Touristic cluster ASEZ Komsomolsk, city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, 1 Molodogvardiskaya Str. office 4

Mountain ski complex “Kholdomi” is one of the largest and most popular mountain ski complexes in the Russian Far East, has developed infrastructure including 10 km of mountain-ski trails (from the “green” to the “black), which are serviced by two-chair and traction lifts. GLK “Kholdomi” (SMR) possesses its own residential infrastructure and is capable to accommodate at the same time about 200 people at comfortable cottages and economy-class hotel. For the visitors’ services – 5 cafes, karaoke-bars, nigh club, table tennis, billiard, tubing and cross-country skiing.

The project includes:

  • сonstruction of an additional hotel complex for 150 beds, SPA complex, heated car parking;
  • сonstruction of additional mountain-ski trails (9 km), mountain-ski trails illumination system, warming post at the ropeway intermediate station;
  • сonstruction of barbeque cabins and recreation zone.

Goal – creation of all-year-round mountain-ski resort meeting the world standards to organize a fully-fledged winter and summer recreation of the citizens and visitors of the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk krai.


Visitation - 200,000 people per year

Implementation stages
  1. construction of trails and sport infrastructure facility;
  2. construction of water storage tank and water supply system;
  3. construction of ropeway and snow-making.

Phase II of the resort construction envisaged:

  1. Purchasing and installing gondola ropeway of total length – 2 662 m, vertical drop – 550 m, rolling stock type – eight people gondola, elevation speed – 5 m/s, capacity – 2 000 passengers/hour.
  2. Construction of waterpipe with two pump stations of total length of about 3,5 km from water supply well located in the downward area of the SMR to the facilities located in the down-, mid- and upward zones of the complex.
  3. Purchasing and assembling of slops artificial snow-making system; number of snow-generators – 6 pcs., 1 generator production capacity – 105 m3 of snow per hour.
  4. Designing and constructing 32 km of new mountain-ski trails.
  5. Construction of water storage tank of the volume of 40 thousand m3 on the eastern slope of mount Kholdomi to ensure the operation of the artificial snow-making system.
  6. Construction of a 6 kV power transmission line of 3,5 MW of capacity of total length of about 6 km to SME Kholdomi and 6 kV power transmission line of 2,5 mW of capacity of total length of about 2,7 km to the top of mount Kholdomi with installment of 2 OUTS (outdoor unitized transformer substation).
  7. Construction of an asphalt motor way to SME Kholdomi with an organized parking area for 800 cars.

In the framework of the project, it is also planned to purchase specialized machines to prepare, maintain mountain slopes and render rescue services.

The next phase is meant to expand the skiing zone to 60 km of mountain-ski trails, mount additional 4 ropeways, construct biathlon stadium and cross-country ski trails.

Forms of state support
  • The project is included in the Long-term plan of complex socio-economic development of the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
  • Granted status of the ASEZ Komsomolsk resident, Kholdomi site (Agreement of 20.07.2017 No. 1/Р-146)
  • Accept of subsidies from JSC “Far East Development Corporation” in the amount of RUB 53.41 million.
  • Accept of subsidies from the budget of Khabarovsk krai in the amount of RUB 111.96 million.
  • Assistance of the project based on the “One-Stop-Shop” window principle.
Need in personnel

Number of jobs to be created – 48

Prospect consumers

Russian tourists, sportsmen, tourists from North-East Asia


LLC “Flagman”
Settlement of Solnechny, Khabarovsk krai, 682711
+7 (984) 174-04-74, Dmitry Vladimirovich Kuznetsov – financial director
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