инициатор проекта АО "Хабаровский зерноперерабатывающий комбинат"
Direct line with the leadership of the region

Investment proposals

Creating “Vertically integrated poultry complex for industrial production and processing of 13700 tons of turkey meat live weight per year in Khabarovsk krai (imeni Lazo District).”

Lazo district
Total investment: 4.1 billion ₽
Required co-funding: 3.9 billion ₽
Payback period:
6 years
Project status In-progress
Place of implementation imeni Lazo District

The project envisages arrangement of a new industrial turkey-grower enterprise in the environmentally sound area of Khabarovsk krai for purposes of meeting the needs of the Far East population in high quality meat products of domestic production.

In the frame work of implementing the project, the urban planning, land surveying documentation and specifications for connecting to engineering utility networks and roads are drawn up; the development of the design documentation is completed; the affirmative statement on the design documentation is obtained.


Incubation – 1,2 million eggs per year, 13,7 thousand tons of turkey meat live weight per year, finished products release – 11 tons per year

Implementation stages

I phase – year 2020: planning and designing, obtaining construction permit, start of the construction.

Year – 2021: completing phase 1 construction, start of the production, transfer to the planned production capacity of 1025 tons of meat/year

II phase – year 2022: phase II construction, start of the production

Year – 2023: transfer to planned production capacity of 13 700 tons of meat/year

Forms of state support

Option to receive the ASEZ resident status because of the project location within the borders of ASEZ Khabarovsk, site Lazo.

Availability of raw and materials

The project is supplied with necessary raw and materials.

Land plots: 2 ha in ownership, 1,5 ha – purchased in ownership, 117,5 ha – possibility to sign lease agreement in the framework of implementing the projects in the ASEZ resident status; production infrastructure (in ownership) – elevator, railways and structures, production building to arrange a feed production shop (subject to reconstruction).

Need in personnel

386 people

Prospect consumers

Population of the Russian far East, PRC.

2.5 MB
Инвестиционное предложение
4.7 MB


JSC “Khabarovsk grain mill”, Voloshenko Konstantin Vladimirovich
90 Krasnorechenskaya Str., city of Khabarovsk, 680006
info@ptk-dv.com, hzpk@mail.ru
+7 (4212) 47-53-60, +7 (924) 200-50-78
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