Reasons to invest
Direct line with the leadership of the region

Reasons to invest

Khabarovsk krai – one of the largest and unique constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The gross product of the area is generally formed by the industrial enterprises. The leader of our economy is high technology production.

The region has a developed investment infrastructure: three territories of advanced development operate in here – “Komsomolsk”, “Khabarovsk” and “Nikolaevsk”. Free port regime is expanded to Vanino and Sovetskaya-Gavan districts. The preferences offered by ASEZ and Free Port allow for attracting business and promote competitive goods production.

The advantage of Khabarovsk krai is a favorable geographical location. Our territory occupies key positions in the united transportation system of the Far East. It is here, where the ways from Asia to Europe cross. A specialized body of interdepartmental competence is organized in Khabarovsk krai – ANO “Khabarovsk krai Agency for attraction of investments and development of innovations”. Its tasking is promotion of the region in the world economic space, information-advisory and organizational support to investment and innovation technology projects, investment activity advancement and development of the export potential of the territory.

City of Khabarovsk – capital of Khabarovsk krai – is a key logistic and infrastructure hub between Russia and Asia Pacific Countries. It is located on the right bank of the River Amur, 20 km from the border with China.

Khabarovsk krai lies in the central part of the Russian Far East. In the South-West it borders on the People’s Republic of China, with Promorsky krai in the South, Jewish Autonomous Oblast and Amur Oblast in the West, in the North-West and the North it borders on the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), in the North with Magadan Oblast.

Khabarovsk krai is one of the largest and distinct regions of Russia. It ranks fourth in the country in terms of land area. The fifth part of the Russian forests grows on our territory.


  • industrial-engineering and logistic center of the Far Eastern Federal District;
  • possesses rich natural resources;
  • offers tax and other incentives;
  • placed in close proximity to Asia Pacific Countries;
  • operates three areas of advanced development and Free port regime.


  • investment and innovation projects with location in the areas under preferential regimes;
  • crop farming projects (protected ground vegetables, corn, soybeans, potatoes);
  • reforestation, timber harvesting and timber processing;
  • aquaculture projects (fish farms, reproduction of mussel, sea cucumbers);
  • dairy production and cattle breeding;
  • extraction and processing of minerals;
  • creation of IT infrastructure – centres for data storing and processing;
  • transport engineering and robotics;
  • public health facilities projects;
  • physical training and sport development projects;
  • touristic facilities and recreation areas development projects.
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