Soyuzmultfilm Building Grand Animated Plans be Housed at Techno-park “Amur” in Khabarovsk krai
Direct line with the leadership of the region
March 16, 2021

Soyuzmultfilm Building Grand Animated Plans be Housed at Techno-park “Amur” in Khabarovsk krai

The development of the creativity cluster and animated production in the region became a point for Boris Mashkovtsev, Director General of the legendary studio of Soyuzmulfilm, to visit Khabarovsk. This market perspectives and its being in demand in the Far East have been discussed with Khabarovsk cartoonists-animators and regional authorities. Investment and Innovations Agency took part in the discussion as a participant in the implementation of Techno-park “Amur” investment project.

Boris Mashkovtsev emphasized, that in spite of the “pandemic” calm, the last year scope of works at the film-studio has grown by 20 per cent. “Due to the staff shortage we have to hire foreign freelancers, though. The domestic education system hasn’t formed a tradition yet to prepare animators from an early age. But the demand for cartoons in the world is notably growing and not going to cease”. The film-studio Director sees the solution in creating techno-parks.

In Khabarovsk krai, there is already a successful animation studio of Mechtalet (Dreamcraft) which has went global, that is already cooperating with Soyuzmulfilm. But there is much of more creative potential in the region for developing the animated culture. There are both accomplished and beginning artist dreaming of working in this field. For them in particular, Techno-park “Amur” will be constructed in the northern part of Khabarovsk.

The creativity space for artistic and technology ideas will house not only the professionals of Mechtalet, but also those who are just starting their path in animation. In fact, Soyuzmultfilm became an anchor resident of the similar techno-park in Moscow and three years later assured itself of that decision effectiveness. The film-studio Director expressed readiness for consulting and production cooperation with the Khabarovsk animators. In Mashkovets’s plans are creation of the far-eastern animation cluster, APR countries expansion, education of youth and schoolers and their employment in this loved not only by children industry.

“Techno-park “Amur” investment project is planned to be implemented on the land plot located not far from Pacific State University, in response to the request of the students who are ready to put their knowledge to practice there”, told at the agency. “Meanwhile, the investor has prepared a busines-plant for submitting the documents to obtain the land plot without tendering under the regional law. The agency is planning further to assist this project implementation on “one-stop-shop” principle.

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