Second “Japanese” Green-house Complex to be Built in Khabarovsk
Direct line with the leadership of the region
Dec. 16, 2020

Second “Japanese” Green-house Complex to be Built in Khabarovsk

Another green-house complex will appear in Khabarovsk krai built with the involvement of an investor from Japan. Nitiro Service Company will fund Yagodnaya dolina (Berry Valley) project in Vyazemsky municipal district.

The contract on investments in the agrarian complex has been signed with the aid of ANO
“Vyazemsky rayon development center”; the project is intended for three years. Through the Japanese firm money, the peasant farming economy of Natalya Chemicheva Yagodnaya dolina will construct a green-house of about 400 square meters of area to grow strawberries in the protected ground, which will allow the peasant farm to substantially increase the production volumes.

It should be reminded that in Khabarovsk krai already exists an agricultural project bult with the participation of the Japanese capital: the green-house construction in Avangard Industrial Park started in 2015 and today JGC Evergreen is one of the largest producers of vegetables in the region. It is the first foreign resident that has entered ASEZ “Khabarovsk”; the actual investments in the project exceeded 1 bn RUB; 100 new jobs were created.

Source: IA “Khabarovsk krai today”

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