Russian Fairs in Khabarovsk may become Part of Patriot park
Direct line with the leadership of the region
March 22, 2021

Russian Fairs in Khabarovsk may become Part of Patriot park

The preparation of documents for the construction of the theme trade and entertainment complex Russian fairs is coming to an end. It is a large federal project, and the city of Khabarovsk is one of the first where it is going to be implemented.

The location has already been preliminary determined in the territory of Patriot park in the area of Promyshlennaya Street, which also corresponds to the general concept of the space and the investor’s requests. They were several: a piece of land of four hectares, proximity to the city center and roadway network. Together with the investor there have been inspected several plots and one has been selected.

The regional Agency for Attraction of Investments and Development of Innovations has audited the documents for obtaining the land plot without tendering, which is envisaged by the regional law. It allows simplifying the procedure and rendering the land for large-scale projects, those with investments over 500 mln RUB. They have analyzed all infrastructural utility connections to provide for the project.

The joint work of the agency and Investment Development Directorate of Khabarovsk administration substantially speeds up the development of predesign documentation. Due to an aligned and clearly construed interaction of all the investment project participants, the design organization has already proceeded with the development of the fair town concept.

In the framework of the project, there will be constructed 170 fair complexes all over Russia, each with its own national spirit. The stylized culture and recreation complexes are being erected in all country regions.

Just about this time, the project managers and the agency specialists have visited the construction site. They have discussed the documents preparation progress for obtaining the large-scale status. The agency goes on providing comprehensive support to Russian Fairs that, without doubt, are going to make Khabarovsk and the region more attractive and interesting for the countrymen and tourists from other cities and countries.

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