Looking for investors for your ideas!
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Feb. 12, 2021

Looking for investors for your ideas!

Nice, reliable, available housing is one of the symbols of comfort life. In the top of the building materials is the brick that proved itself by thousand years history.

The own brick production capacities in Khabarovsk krai today are nor enough for all the developers. We have to transport from other regions. But the facing brick and ceramic blocks are not produced in the region at all.

And this problem has a solution!

Our countryman from Sovetskaya Gavan Leonid Gryazin, a former experienced engineer and production worker, suggested a plan for construction of innovative brick works in Vyazemsky municipal district next to a large clay deposit.

Leoniz Gryazin has developed the works design plan for the production of facing brick and ceramic blocks allowing for a substantial saving on construction and further operation costs of buildings and also for upgrading quality of life therein. In addition, the Sovetskaya Gavan dweller has established a contact with a well-known equipment manufacturer in Italy by agreeing on beneficial cooperation terms. The construction of such large facility may become a growth point not only for Vyazemskoe, but for the neighboring areas of the region as well. There will appear new jobs, tax payments to the local budget, and what is more important, available and quality housing for the Far East inhabitants.

Today ANO APIRI is looking for investor to start the construction of the innovative works for production of clay building materials in Vyazemsky municipal district. The project cost is RUB 1,6 bn.

Waiting for your suggestions: What will make our region more comfortable for living? The Actual ideas will be implemented. How? It is the task we are solving every day.

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