Khekhtsir Sprots and Tourism Complex to bring Federal Investors and Foreign Tourists to Khabarovsk Krai
Direct line with the leadership of the region
Feb. 16, 2021

Khekhtsir Sprots and Tourism Complex to bring Federal Investors and Foreign Tourists to Khabarovsk Krai

The design group has approved the specifications to prepare a concept of the future Khekhtsir sports and tourism complex on the same-name ridge, one of the main attractions of Khabarovsk krai. The complex is intended as a world’s level resort on the area of 360 ha and enters the list of flagship projects of the regional government.

In developing the concept, a capital road is supposed to be constructed, electricity, water supply and other infrastructure are supposed to be laid. And then, to be erect a multifunctional, designed for recreation, various sport hobbies and professional winter sports resort – a kind of Mecca not far from the regional capital.

In the preliminary list of facilities to be accounted for by the concept developers there are mountain ski, run ski and snowmobile trails; walking routes of various degree of complexity; view ports with available lodging for campings and glampings; various winter and summer activities; culture centers and, of course, a developed industry of hospitality: restaurants, hotels, cinemas and many others. Work hours: all year round.

“We are going to build a complex really unique for the Far East, which won’t be inferior in quality and contents to the most popular foreign resorts. At the same time with the preparation, are ongoing the negotiations with potential investors, among them the large federal corporations”, said Sergey Shchegelsky, director of ANO Khabarovsk Krai Investment and Innovations Agency, which is the manager of the design group and functional customer of this flagship project. “It is important that the concept will consider interests of physically challenged people.

The resort has a perspective to become a foundation of international touristic cluster. It is facilitated by the synergy with other flagship project – Big Ussuri Island Development, which will be bringing to the region at least 400-500 thousand of foreign tourists per year, based on preliminary estimations.

Meanwhile, on the territory, small in relation to the whole assumed complex (former mountain ski base), works the developer: Center of Innovation Technologies. It is in its plans to bring the existing ski trail into operational conditions by the next December and have it open for the regional inhabitants, sportsmen and leisure lovers. At the design group session, the agency management emphasized its readiness to provide a maximum assistance to Center of Innovation Technologies, which is likely to become one of the complex residents upon the concept approval.

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