Ecoplant’s First phase of Umnaya SREDA franchise opened in Khabarovsk
Direct line with the leadership of the region
March 23, 2021

Ecoplant’s First phase of Umnaya SREDA franchise opened in Khabarovsk

An innovation enterprise for production of building materials and city infrastructure facilities from sand and recycled plastic has started operating in Khabarovsk. The construction of the plant for recycling soft plastic and producing ecofriendly building materials as well as hardscaping items designed for improvement of outdoor, city and park spaces has taken half a year: from the emergence of the idea to the startup of the machine tools. Upon the order of interim governor Mikhail Degtyarev, ANO Khabarovsk krai Agency for Attraction Investments and Development of Innovations took the lead as a driver of the investment project implementation.

“In the time following, the agency is going to provide assistance in promoting the plant products, opening the second phase of the production, arranging the interaction with the authorities and other investors of Khabarovsk krai”, said Director of ANO APIRI KK, Sergey Shchegolsky.

The production of lamellas (planks used to assemble the facilities) is based on proprietary technology of manufacturing polymer-sand mixture. Umnaya SREDA Company mission — cleaning the planet from plastic waste. Goal – clean and healthy future by recycling waste in useful article in present. The creators of the Khabarovsk workshop have also proceeded from these goals.

It is entirely wasteless and highly eco-friendly production. The production of one park bench requires 30-50 kg of the secondhand plastic and 100 kg of sand.

The workshop capacity is designed to process 5-6 tons of plastic and 15 tons of sand per month. In terms of the finished articles for hardscaping, it is about 130 benches. The material can also be used to manufacture curbs, finishes for buildings and retaining walls.

“Plastic of two kinds of 7 existing varieties of polymer raw is used in the production. That is why now the plant has delivery contracts with the waste-recycling enterprises of Khabarovsk. It is not excluded, that in the future the collection of scrap materials from the public will be arranged”, informed Yury Poplaukhin, manager of Umnaya SREDA branch office.

The first to install “ecofriendly” benches in the region will be the companies of RZD and Sberbank; being finalized are the agreements with several other large organizations. There is much interest of Khabarovsk administration as well. In particular, city mayor Sergey Kravchuk assumed that such materials, which are not only economical and aesthetically appealing, but also much more durable comparing to the traditional ones, can be used to equip the whole streets of the regional capital, and replace curbs destroyed by the rough weather.

Source: Information Portal of Khabarovsk krai

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