Active Winter Sports Enthusiasts Appreciated New Cable Way at Kholdomi”
Direct line with the leadership of the region
Feb. 6, 2021

Active Winter Sports Enthusiasts Appreciated New Cable Way at Kholdomi”

An impressive descending with flares highlighted the opening of a speed cable way at Kholdomi mountain ski resort. A symbolic lift start button was pressed by Maria Avilova, first vice-chairman of the regional government.

“Upon the instruction of interim Governor Mikhail Degtyarev, I’d like to congratulate you with this wonderful event – the opening of the cable way at Kholdomi mountain-ski resort. It all was made possible due to the joint work of the companies-members of the project and federal authorities which the regional government has been working with in close cooperation while equipping the Kholdomi infrastructure. I’d like to thank the Ministry of the Far East, the Far East Development Corporation, Rostourism, that together with us actively participated in creating this wonderful complex. The regional Government wished the complex management further development and prosperity, and to all guests – good mood and sport achievements”, congratulated all present people Maria Avilova.

Eight seat gondola lift 2,5 km long, developed specially for Kholdomi by Doppelmayr, the well-known Austrian company, is an all-new equipment. Fast – with speed of 6 meters per second, and at the same time comfortable – with heated seat function.

“Today, in the morning is 40 degrees below zero. So, the warm seat is, probably, the first requirement to the lift in our winter conditions”, shared his first impression the dweller of Amursk Anatoly Proskurovsky, who intentionally came for the cable way opening.

In one hour, the new cable lift is able to carry to Kholdomi mountain peak up to two thousand people. According to the investors’ evaluation, upon putting into operation new routes, the tourist flow per year shall grow three times, up to 250 thousand people.

“The view opening from the up high is just amazing. You have to see it with your own eyes to understand how large and beautiful our region is”, unhid their emotions the guests of MSR, who arrived to recreate with their whole families.

While the experienced mountain skiers and snowboarders are testing the complexity of the new descent at the eastern slope of Kholdomi, the tasters are venturing into at training trails. Many winter sports enthusiasts celebrated the opening of the new routes by descending with flares in hands leaving a long multi-colorful trail.

“Kholdomi is a unique modern mountain ski complex complying with all calls of the time, the interest to which is shown not only by the region inhabitants, but also by tourists from the neighboring regions: Primorye, Amur Oblast, Jewish Autonomous Oblast. That is why today we can say with assurance that Kholdomi is becoming a place of attraction uniting in the Far East all active winter sports enthusiasts, professional sportsmen and fresh air family retreat lovers”, emphasized Maria Avilova.

In the closing of the festival, the award ceremony took place to award the winners of the Championship and Regional Competition in mountain skiing.

Source: Information Portal of Khabarovsk krai

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