Digital technologies in cowshed: how “smart” farm works in Khabarovsk krai
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Oct. 1, 2020

Digital technologies in cowshed: how “smart” farm works in Khabarovsk krai

This year, the first livestock breeding complex has started operating in Khabarovsk krai, which is aided by the services of artificial intelligence. The system allows for monitoring the caw’s health and handing out instructions to the workers through a mobile app.

There is Internet and video browsing in the cowshed of the “Blagodatnoe” farm. The animals have breakfast to classic music, such as one of the Brandenburg Concerts of Johann Sebastian Bach. It is considered to be improving cows’ appetite and increasing yield of milk. The cows’ condition state here is controlled by digital sensors.

“Bolus gets inserted into the caw’s throat, goes in the rumen and helps to monitor the temperature and watering of the animal. The most important advantage is that the daily examination of veterinarian is not necessary” – head of the livestock farm SPK “Blagodatnoe” Roman Sannikov told.

Digital passports for each cow and performance index of each employee are cloud-stored. Daily tasks are handed out by artificial intelligence.

“For instance, on this chart we can see that the animal is in estrus, because its motion activity has increased and there is an insignificant temperature growth, − says the expert in digital solutions Konstantin Diomin. – The system will automatically detect and issue a detailing to exam such conditions.”

The milk farm not far from the settlement of Blagodatnoe of Khabarovsky district was opened in April, the nearest similar complex is in Kemerovo oblast. According to the specialists, new technologies shall substantially increase milk yield.

“One head in our conditions gives at average 25 liters of milk. It’s good for our conditions. But these type animals in the central part [of the country] give up to 50 litters when given good and well-balanced feed which we also try to keep up with at maximum”, − noticed Chairman of SPK “Blagodatnoe” Oleg Borisov.

Until the end of the year in Blagodatnoe, they will open a second cowshed and dairy milk processing plant. The milk for processing will be transported through the pipes, which will allow for excluding human impact on the material and reducing transport costs.

“The enterprise provides a good life for cows, good milk, relevant income to the farmer, and a chance for the operator to implement his services. This project allows to all the parties to receive profit, and I think, it should march over Khabarovsk krai in major strides”, − Minister of information technologies and communication Aleksey Gusev believes.

The construction of the livestock complex cost the regional budget 55 million rubles.

Source: Gubernia

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