Modern woodworking non-waste production complex to appear in Khabarovsk krai
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Sept. 29, 2020

Modern woodworking non-waste production complex to appear in Khabarovsk krai

A new priority investment project will be implemented in Khabarovsk krai. The Order of the regional Government approved the application of LLC “Tumninky priisk” (gold-mine) for creating a modern woodworking complex. Within two years, there will be a new plant in the settlement of Novostroika of imeni Lazo District, which could employ over two hundred people.

Within this investment project, the plant is expected to be producing 25 thousand sq. meters of peeled veneer, 20 thousand sq meters of ply-wood, 47 thousand sq meter of dry sawn timber, 15 thousand tons of wood pellets and 3 thousand tons of wood charcoal. In the process of the wood-harvesting works, up to 23 thousand sq meters of wood-fuel are intended to be sold to the local inhabitants. The production will be waste-free: secondary raw wood and obtained waste of sawmilling will be used by the enterprise for her own needs.

As it was noted at the regional Ministry of Industry, the commodities planned for production are in great demand in foreign markets, and first of all in the countries of the Asian-Pacific region. The pay-back period of the project is five years. The main investment phase will be completed within two years.

The implementation of the investment project shall begin after the relevant ruling of the Ministry of Industry and trade of Russia.

Source: Information portal of Khabarovsk krai

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