FPV resident “Daltransugol” is developing and setting new records
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Oct. 8, 2020

FPV resident “Daltransugol” is developing and setting new records

In September, JSC “Daltransugol” reached a new record in shipment. Within a month, 2,401,447 tons of coal were loaded on the fleet, which is 62,265.3 tons more than of the previous record of May.

“Any record is a merit of the team aware of how to conduct works at the high level of mastership observing industrial and ecological safety. But when the records become regular – it is a mark of quality. It can be said for sure that in these years JSC “Daltransugol” has gone a worthy way from her “birth” to the honorable place of one of the leading enterprises of transport industry of Khabarovsk krai, which is highlighted by the positive dynamics of the cargo turnover. A great role in such victories was played by people – senior management, production toilers, true masters of their trade. The success reached by the JSC “Daltransugil” staff members is a result of experience, professional competence, dedicated work and skilled organizational work”, - Director of JSC “Daltransugol” Vladimir Dolgopolov shared with pride.

As a reminder, JSC “Daltransugol” (enters SIBENCO) has received the status of the Free Port Vladivostok resident in the framework of implementing a new project for increasing the capacities of the roofer specialized terminal in the transshipment of coal for up to 40 million tons per year. The agreement for implementation of it in the FPV regime was signed in September of the current year by Director General of JSC “Daltransugol” Valdimir Dolgopolov and Director General of JSC “Far East Development Corporation” Dmitry Tetenkin at the company’s site in the settlement of Toki, Vaninsky district of Khabarovsk krai.

The project for expanding the terminal capacities for up to 40 million tons is planned to have been implemented before the year 2024. The planned volume of investments in the FPV regime is about 12 billion of rubles. During the project implementation, 79 new jobs shall be created.

Deputy general director, logistics director of JSC “SIBENCO” Denis Ilatovsky has emphasized: “When launching the terminal 15 years ago we were focused on the transshipment of 12 million tons per year, but with the development of the accesses to Vanino Port in the previous years and the construction of new Kuznetsovsky tunnel by JSC “Russian Rail Ways” in December 2012, we have expanded the capacity up to 24 million tons and now we are planning to expand further up to 40 million tons. Certainly, this is the result of our close and productive cooperation with Russian Rail Ways. We can see how in the Eastern field the technologies are being changed, most advanced solutions and innovation technical means are being implemented, new administrative and managing approaches are being applied, heavy duty traffic is being rapidly developing. Out of the latest achievements of the Far-Eastern Railway, it’s worth mentioning the daily granted provision for bringing up to 7 heavy duty trains of 7,100 tons of weight to the station of Toki for uploading at our terminal. Early in the beginning of the year, it seemed fantastic, but now the supply of the modern powerful locomotives to the Komsomolsk loco shed allows for increasing the number of such trains and renewing the records monthly. As of today, we have loaded the terminal almost on 10% of the capacity and our terminal further development will be synchronized with the program for developing the throughput capacity of BAM and Transsib during the period up to the year 2024. We can be sure, that the throughput capacity reserve, which shall be accumulating in the construction of the sites at the access to Vanino, will get filled with the cargo, and the RRW infrastructure won’t stay idle”, - he says.

According to Denis Ilatovsky, even now, the company takes all efforts to ensure a growing volume of the coal shipments. Today’s record proves this. “In efficiency and ecological safety, Daltransugol is one of the leaders among specialized ports. We get our employees focused on the operation in competitive conditions and stimulate their competitive spirit. With that, the personnel is for a strict observance of safety rules”, emphasized deputy general director.

“Free Port Vladivostok regime provides the investors with unique possibilities to implement their projects on account of tax incentives and administrative preferences along with a substantial support from the government. The support of the investment projects by the managing company and constantly expanding list of services form a comfortable environment for conducting entrepreneur activities. To this day, under the agreements with the Far East Development Corporation work over 2 thousand of the FPV residents having obligations to invest over 1 trn of rubles and create almost 100 thousand jobs”, - said Director General of JSC “Corporation for the Development of the Far East” Dmitry Tetenkin.

The Terminal of JSC “Daltransugol” is located in the territory of Vaninsky District in Khabarovsk krai, built for the transshipments of the SIBENCO coal to the consumers in the Asian-Pacific Region. It is one of the most modern terminals in Russia meeting the world standards of efficiency and eco-safety. Developing the production while caring for nature – the purity of air and sea water – is one of the priority tasks of the environmental services of Daltransugol. In 2018, the delegation from Nomura Research Institute and Idemitsu company from Japan conducted expert review of the Daltransugol coal terminal. In the framework of auditing, the scientists collected unbiased data on conditions of the port’s equipment and technologies applied to transshipment of bulk cargos. The expert came to the conclusions that the companies apply all available technology solutions which allow for effective handling and shipping coal for export in adverse climatic conditions with a minimized impact on the environment. In the plans is to conduct environment audit all over the port area. According to leading ecologist of the logistics department of SIBENCO Elena Sevostianova, the audits of this kind are a necessity. “Clear understanding of the situation thorough study of the work of coal terminals based the world standards set the highest requirements to the quality of our work. It is a bias assessment of the technologies we apply, - she says

Besides developing the terminal, SIBENCO, as a sustainable Company, ensures the development of Vaninsky district in part of social programs, funds long-term projects such as construction of a recreation park, preschool-school-higher institution-enterprise project, residential and public territories development project, and other various one-time projects for repairing and equipping sport facilities, preschool and school facilities, aid to the public and social institutions of the area.

Source: RF Ministry for the Development of the Far East and Arctic

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