New commercial fish-farming plant about to get completed in Khabarovsk krai
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Nov. 5, 2020

New commercial fish-farming plant about to get completed in Khabarovsk krai

The new fish-farming plant, which is being built by the “Amur-Trade” enterprise on the River Nygai in Nikolaevsk district, has been inspected by the government agencies specialists controlling fishery industry. The unique enterprise shall farm chum and pink salmon fry using the Sun energy – since there aren’t suitable electric-power lines to link on.

- In Khabarovsk krai, it is the first fish-farming plant that shall be involved in commodity production, - shared vice-head of Amursk branch office of FGBU “Glavrybvod” Nina Naumova. – Our specialists have visited the plant together with the colleagues from the regional Minselkhoz, Amursk territorial directorate of Rosrybolovstvo. It was necessary to confirm that the volume of fish-eggs declared by “Amur-Trade” had been really placed in hatchery at the plant. There were protocols drawn up. Later these will be used to impose limits on the enterprise for catching a part of salmon they will be releasing in natural habitat. The plant is almost ready, may be 98%. I want to wish them success. Hopefully, we will get new similar enterprises that would get involved in commodity production of valuable resources. At the same Nikolaevsk district, one more entrepreneur has plans to incorporate a similar enterprise for farming sturgeon and chum-salmon larva.

At the fish-farming plant on the river “Nygai”, 100 thousand of pink salmon and 80 thousand of autumn chum-salmon eggs have been placed in hatchery. Fry feed for half a million rubles is purchased. The first release of larva is scheduled for the next year June.

As a reminder, the “Amur-Trade” company is a resident of the advanced development territory “Nikolaevsk”. She plans to invest over 190 million rubles in the economy of the area. Besides the fish-farming plant on the River Nygai, the investor envisions to construct a fish processing enterprise in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur itself. When the fish-farmers start actively releasing chum and pink salmon fry, they will receive limits on fishing a part of artificially farmed fish.

Sources: IA “Khabarovsk krai today”

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