Aquapark construction project got started in Khabarovsk
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Oct. 7, 2020

Aquapark construction project got started in Khabarovsk

Comparing to its initial versions, the project has suffered substantial changes. The project developer has reconsidered the approach itself that he was applying before. Thus, the aquapark has got its functionality list expanded, due to what its total area has also grown. The number of floors has also increased: if initially the developer declared of ten floors, now according to the renewed documentation there will be eleven of them.

- First of all, the project has been substantially expanded and obtained a big social importance. On the first floor there will be a kids’ center – the mall visitors will get a chance to leave their kids there. We have also expanded the social pressure on the aquapark – usable floor area has been added. – said deputy director of “Brosco Mall” for phase 2 construction, project manager Elena Chaban.

Meanwhile, the future aquapark foundation laying work is ongoing at the facility construction – the Khabarovsk companies are taking care of that. However, the contractor hasn’t been approved yet, there will be a separate tender launched for this purpose. As for the facility completion deadline, we had to postpone them for one year. Concurrently with the facility construction, the search for new investors is being carried.

The regional Agency for attraction of investments and development of innovations is occupied with supporting the investment project. The Agency specialists have analyzed the business plan of the aquapark and provided aid in granting it the status of a large-scale investment project.

The project presentation enclosed.

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