Mikhael Degtyarev made examination of greenhouses of “JGC Evergreen” enterprise
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Direct line with the leadership of the region
Oct. 26, 2020

Mikhael Degtyarev made examination of greenhouses of “JGC Evergreen” enterprise

The head of the region paid a visit to Industrial Park “Avangard” on Donskaya Street in Khabarovsk. He familiarized with the activities of the greenhouse complex build on Japanese investment.

General director of the complex Arai Kazunori informed Mikhael Degtyarev, that as of today, “JGC Evergreen” is among the largest producers of vegetables in protected ground in Khabarovsk krai. Its total area is 4,9 ha.

The construction of the greenhouse complex was launched in July of 2015, and less than in half a year, the specialists planted first seedlings. Several contracting companies, both Russian and foreign, participated in the construction. Adjustment and mounting of the automated unit were entrusted to Dutch specialists, since vegetables and greens are grown by their technology.

The “JGC Evergreen” Company became the first foreign resident, that entered ASEZ “Khabarovsk”. Virtually, investments in the project amounted to 1,036 billion of rubles. There were created 100 new jobs.

Meanwhile the company occupies its niche on the market of Khabarovsk producers offering to the consumers a wide range of eco-friendly products under the “New day” trademark. This year, after a set of tests and certification procedure, to several varieties of cucumbers and tomatoes, radish and greens were added strawberries.

In the nine months of the year 2020, there have been harvested 1.140 tons of products - almost as much as in the whole last year. By the time of the new year, it’s planned to have grown at least another 250 tons of greens and vegetables.

- We shall welcome scaling up this project for producing vegetables and greens, in particular strawberries. The company has sufficient land. It also has our support. The inhabitants of the area must receive more of quality food products, which are produced here, - noticed Mikhael Degtyarev. – By the year 2024, we shall start fully providing ourselves with vegetables, milk and meat.

In the nest year, it is planned to construct the phase III greenhouses of total area of 5,4 ha.

To specify, the regional public need for vegetables is estimated as 166 tons annually. 20 thousand tons of this volume shall be grown in protected ground. However, so far, self-sufficiency of Khabarovsk krai with vegetables is not above 30%, and with greenhouse vegetables and greens – not above 25%.

Source: Information Portal of Khabarovsk Krai

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