Mikhael Degtyarev observed capacities of house-building plant of Khabarovsk krai
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Nov. 5, 2020

Mikhael Degtyarev observed capacities of house-building plant of Khabarovsk krai

The head of the region has visited the shops of JSC “Khabarovsk plant for industrial and civil hose-building” and met with the leadership and employees of the enterprise.

It is designed for production, delivery and assembling structures for construction of housing and administration buildings, rotational villages out of prefabricated rapidly-erected modules. There are available made-up design projects of apartment building, military barracks, hostels, canteens, ambulance stations, paramedical and midwifery stations and other facilities.

The plant capacities at the moment are occupied by less than 15%, the staff of employees amounts to 300 people. At full operation, from 600 to 1,300 people may be provided with jobs. There is a chance to bring the annual volume of produced prefabricated houses to 120 thousand of square meters, one square meter cost starting from 30 thousand of rubles.

Mikhael Degtyarev emphasized that Khabarovsk krai should be proud of this enterprise and also should invite to housing and social facilities construction as much as practical, though with due observance of the current law.

- We are ready, while setting the bar high, to place orders here. For instance, the plant is capable to erect a preschool facility in the selo imeni Poliny Osipenko. The Russian Government-approved strategy for the development of the Far East has set a huge national task in front of us – to construct paramedical and midwifery stations in remote settlements. And the plant capacities and technologies allow for completing it, - the head of the region commented on his takeaway from the things seen.

Among the customers of the Khabarovsk house-building plant are Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Amur Oblast, Primorye. The very last week there were commissioned two twelve-apartment houses in Tigilsky district of Kamchatka krai. They have been erected through the program “Providing the Koryaksky Okrug population with affordable and comfortable housing and utilities.”

- We have constructed a hospital in the Komanodrskie Islands, 17 military barracks all over Sakhalin and 4 in the remote areas of Kamchatka. At the moment we a building a military hostel on the Kurile Islands. We are able to construct everything, - shared Director General of the plant Viktor Likhachev.

Mikhael Degtyarev instructed the regional ministry of construction to work through in detail the possible lines for cooperation, especially in constructing facilities included in the list of target investment projects.

Source: Information Portal of Khabarovsk Krai

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