Forest regeneration investment project is being implemented in Vaninsky district
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Sept. 18, 2020

Forest regeneration investment project is being implemented in Vaninsky district

In the territory of Vaninsky municipal district, the settlement of Toki, an investment project is being implemented in the area of forest regeneration.

The company of “Vaninsky forestry center” has received the status of the Free Port Vladivostok resident and has launched an investment project in the territory of Vaninvky municipal district in the settlement of Toki for forest regeneration of over 16 million of rubles of cost.

In three greenhouses they prepare planting material of the forest forming species of the Far Eastern Federal District: larch, pine tree, white pine and spruce. The green-houses’ capacities allow for producing over 3 million of seedlings per year.

“Forest regeneration is an integral part of the forest restoring process after clear cuttings at the forest sites, which have been granted for wood harvesting and forest development, - the project incorporator Vadim Moskvichev tells. – The FPV status will allow our company to fulfill the whole range of services: from developing the forest regeneration design-project and growing plantlets of the relevant seed plantation to forestry crops planting with integrative agricultural treatment and applying the most advanced world practices as well.

The investment project promoter also plans to execute the restoration activities for the forest users of other regions of the Far East - Sakhalin, Yakutia, Amur Oblast, Primorsky krai and Magadan Oblast. In the beginning of September, the company signed its first contract with one of the FPV residents to plant 250 ha of forest crops in the territory of Sovetskaya-Gavan and Nanaisky forest districts of Khabarovsk krai.

Besides forest crops, the investor also grows up to 12 tons of vegetable in protected ground (tomatoes, cucumbers), which are sold in the trade networks of Vaninsky and Sovetskaya-Gavan districts.

The investment project is under the support and guidance of the regional investments and innovations Agency alongside with of the Forestry Department of the regional Government.

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