Atlantic salmon breeding plant will be built in ASEZ “Khabarovsk”
Direct line with the leadership of the region
Nov. 12, 2020

Atlantic salmon breeding plant will be built in ASEZ “Khabarovsk”

A new resident of ASEZ “Khabarovsk” is going to build Atlantic salmon breeding plant (steelhead) with capacity of 2.5 thousand tons of finished products per year. Under the agreement with the Far East Development Corporation, “Tuloma Salmon Far East” shall invest 2,2 billion of rubles in the project. The enterprise, which is scheduled to be put into operation in the second half-year of 2022, shall create 46 jobs.

The construction of the plant will be implemented at the land plot of 11 ha of size, located on “Rakitnoe” site of the advanced development territory “Khabarovsk”. The design works will have got started by the end of the current year.

“We are going to produce chilled, gutted fish with head of 4-5 kg of weight of premium class quality. It’s going to be a fresh product of high quality with no antibiotics”, - says Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Director General of “RFK” company managing LLC “Tuloma Salmon Far East”. – We have chosen ASEZ “Khabarovsk” due to the enterprise-resident having an option to be provided with a land plot and infrastructure necessary to implement the project. First of all, we need a reliable power and water supply. Along with tax incentives and administrative preferences, it will allow getting the plant off the ground within scheduled time and operating it successfully. In addition, the ASEZ is well-placed in the terms of logistics, which is critical for arranging delivery of perishable products, and also will allow for reducing transport costs.”

The production based on RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) technology will allow the investor to produce fish products all year around, to have full control over the process and to substantially reduce the fish disease risks. Such technology also helps save water due to its re-use.

“Within 10 years, the total amount of the tax revenues to all-levels budgets and funds shall amount to 1.9 billion of rubles. In the future, after the operational start-up of the plant, it is planned to expand its capacities up to 5 thousand tons per year and increase the kinds of the produced goods. To do that there shall be new additional investments made and new jobs created”, - noticed Aleksandr Kuznetsov.

According to the Corporation for the development of the Far East, meanwhile 38 enterprises are the residents of ASEZ “Khabarovsk”. The amount of the declared investments equals to 20.7 billion of rubles, 2 410 jobs are to be created. The residents have already invested in the economy of the region over 12 billion of rubles, and over 1,000 people got employed with the investors’ enterprises.

Source: Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and Arctica

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