New road built for residents of ASEZ “Khabarovsk”
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Oct. 23, 2020

New road built for residents of ASEZ “Khabarovsk”

In the framework of developing infrastructure of the residents of ASEZ “Khabarovsk”, there have been completed works on constructing motor way linking Industrial Park “Avangard” with Avtonomnaya and Promyvochnaya Streets. The new road is intended both for passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles.

The length of the motor way with bituminous concrete surface, constructed on the “Avangard” site equals to 1.3 kilometers. The traffic is organized on two lines. Within the frame of works, large roadside clear zones and ditches on both sides have been arranged. Along the highway, it is preplanned to arrange a new line of outdoor lighting and also a new bridge over the Chernaya River. Nearby the private housing development, there have been arranged sidewalks and reconstructed all junctions and access tracks.

The total cost of the transport infrastructure facility, which construction has been ensured by the Khabarovsk krai Government with regional budget funds, amounted to 269.4 million of rubles.

The site “Avangard” on ASEZ “Khabarovsk” is created for purposes of food and industrial production, production of building materials, arranging agriculture and machine manufacturing in the Far East. The residents of the investment site of the ASEZ are the 15 residents who have already invested 2,79 billion of rubles and created 331 jobs. The total amount of the investments in the projects shall amount to 2,8 billion of rubles, 690 jobs shall be created.

At ASEZ “Khabarovsk”, operate 38 investors with total volume of investments in the projects over 20,7 billion of rubles and plans to create 2,410 jobs. The residents have already invested the total amount of 12,2 billion rubles and created 1017 job.

Source: MC ASEZ “Khabarovsk”

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