One-stop-shop for investors
Direct line with the leadership of the region

One-stop-shop for investors

To help the investor, the Government of the area has developed a support tool – “one stop-shop” rule.

The investor may be provided with a consulting aid, or an organizational support via provision of the project support services.

The support is expedient when administration aid is necessary in fast-track preparation, conciliation, permissive and other procedures at the executive bodies of the government authorities, institutions, departments of Khabarovsk krai.

The support is provided based on the plan developed together with the investor.

To receive the support, the investor needs to fill in the application.

You may complete it yourself by filling in the form below or through the assistance of the manager of ANO “Khabarovsk krai Agency for attraction of investments and development of innovations”, by contacting 8 800 700 19 27

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